About Us

The Office of Legal Affairs was established in October of 2019 with the purpose of improving NTU's rulemaking, supporting NTU's development, and offering professional legal services among NTU. The scope of our services includes:

  1. Assisting the units of NTU in drafting and revising NTU's regulations;
  2. Reviewing contracts and legal documents relating to NTU's operations;
  3. Providing legal services and consultation for the units of NTU;
  4. Undertaking or assisting in litigations relating to NTU; and
  5. Dealing with legal affairs in connection with NTU.

Led by our first vice president, Professor Tsung-Fu Chen from NTU College of Law, our office consists of one chief legal officer, two legal counsels, and one senior clerk. All our legal professionals have acquired attorney licenses and possess extensive practical experiences. Our mission is to substantially enhance the professionalism of NTU's legal affairs, effectively manage legal risks, and reduce external legal costs.
Subject to the operational requirements, our office will recruit new members to meet NTU's future development and the various legal demands. Our office would dedicate ourselves to provide more comprehensive and professional legal services for all members of NTU.





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